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Moving to a new account...

2015-04-19 14:23:58 by DeletedChemical

Kai and Jay has been in production for quite some time now, going almost on 9 years now. The series has gone through some massive redevelopments and restructures to try to pass the time while our animator tried to finalize a baseline character design.

This has been going on exactly like this for almost 9 years.

The series has been renamed now, and as such, I desire a new name. I chose one quite some time ago and will be sticking to it from now on. To distance myself from this, and from my garbage whistle status (that which I'm still quite confused over how I go that), I'm remaking an account on here under that alias.

Our new and improved (and now somewhat worked on series, though our animator STILL appears to be sluggish in that regard, giving me almost cause to do the whole damn thing myself) series, will be debuting on this site sometime this year, and then will be uploaded to YouTube for a large viewer base.

So rest in peace DeletedChemical, you served me well. If you're viewing this for whatever reason (you're likely a bot, and an old one at that), I put it to you to figure out who I am.

- Jay


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