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Kai and Jay has been in production for quite some time now, going almost on 9 years now. The series has gone through some massive redevelopments and restructures to try to pass the time while our animator tried to finalize a baseline character design.

This has been going on exactly like this for almost 9 years.

The series has been renamed now, and as such, I desire a new name. I chose one quite some time ago and will be sticking to it from now on. To distance myself from this, and from my garbage whistle status (that which I'm still quite confused over how I go that), I'm remaking an account on here under that alias.

Our new and improved (and now somewhat worked on series, though our animator STILL appears to be sluggish in that regard, giving me almost cause to do the whole damn thing myself) series, will be debuting on this site sometime this year, and then will be uploaded to YouTube for a large viewer base.

So rest in peace DeletedChemical, you served me well. If you're viewing this for whatever reason (you're likely a bot, and an old one at that), I put it to you to figure out who I am.

- Jay

And so it begins...

2012-11-10 07:21:09 by DeletedChemical

As previously mentioned, Kai and Jay, blah blah blah!

Anyway, the series is now actually coming along. "Shut your hole, Jay. Nothing has happened for the past 3 and a half fucking years, dammit!", you might say. However, you are wrong. Much has happened since June or whatever 2008, when the first episode was released.

The Kai and Jay series team is now equip with a multitude of things! Namely:

- One 80% complete database, containing character info, team info, script and release info, etc.
- Character designs.
- Over 20 completed scripts ready for use!
- All the tech we need! Blue Yeti Professional Microphones, Large Wacom Tablets, Powerful Computers and other stuff.
- Two animators! I have now stepped up as an animator to get the series prepared and out quicker.
- And even though everyone has one now, a Facebook page, located here:
As well as a few other things!

Our official channel on is no longer going to be this channel or Purplefridge's channel. We've moved to KaiandJayOfficial (I don't have a link to it anywhere for some reason, and I cannot log out lest I lose this message). We've also got a Youtube account under the same name, which'll provide Vlogs, Let's Plays, Updates, Video Episodes and IRL Episodes.

So ha! You just wait! I'll prove you wrong eventually!

About Time!

2011-10-22 10:20:50 by DeletedChemical

HELLO! It looks like finally, after three years, Kai and Jay is actually being done... Well. Not animated, but voice acted has now started.

Hopefully, by March 2012 or something, the new K&J: 1.0_00 Beginning will be out for all to watch.

Stay tuned.

Slowly but Surely

2011-07-10 02:12:24 by DeletedChemical

Everything is looking up. Here's the basic rundown:

Kai and Jay has had a bit of an overhaul on the scripts, which now has a plotline! Yay! Also, Kai has the microphone so he can get voice clips from all the other characters, except for me. I'll buy another one.

Gonna get the full version of Guitar Pro 6 soon. Amazing trial version! I love it.

Halted. Art is now a part of music.

Not much else. Moved to Canberra, so if anyone is nearby, I might see you around. Laters.


2010-12-16 00:16:28 by DeletedChemical

Completely typical. My parents think it is a good idea to go somewhere. I have to pretty much abandon everything for the moment. Here's the update:

All paused and delayed.

I have basically abandoned DnG fully after a... realisation? I know it's shit. I'm gonna keep it alive for the moment. But I have started something else. Writing actually lyrics seems to be my strong point. I have written a few so far... BUT! I won't be uploading anything till I can FULLY protect them. I wanna make sure no-one can profit from my work.

I have been doing album art. There is a basic model uploaded, check it out. Should be on my page.

So basically, most of it all is just fucked. I have alerted the guys I was gonna do a collab with. I'm gonna be back on the 23rd December... Or should be. I have a weird feeling that we may be staying for longer. So my next post could be mid January. Hope not. Either way, I hope to have something to upload them to show my apologies.


- Jay

More Stuff!

2010-12-09 11:12:53 by DeletedChemical

Well, here's the rundown on the shit that will be happening relating to me:

You're Just Jealous - Within the Week
Christmas Eve - 23rd December 2010
Not a Serious Short - 5th Jan 2011
One Sunday Afternoon - Somewhere around March 2011

Days in the Office Cubicle - I have held that back to Jan 2011 since I lost Audacity. I need to re-download and such. Continue making the stuff. I'm still learning.
Unnamed - That is the name of the album. Only one song will appear on NG. The rest will be on a seperate website. Not finished however.

Just a note with music, all albums will only have ONE song on NG. Singles included of course.

I am going to do a bit later down the track. Removing my current.

Other Stuff:
I will (hopefully) appear in a flash in a short time. And I am also looking for authors in need of a scriptwriter. I have written 20 scripts for Kai and Jay, and I am looking to expand my collection.

Just so you all know, my door is open anytime. Collaborations, questions, queries, requests, etc. Just PM my account.

- Jay

Two uploaded. One needs to be redone by the sounds of it. I will. At the time of this post, Episode 2 is still standing. Hopefully it gets through. Too bad I can't see the reviews.

A bit pissed off though. A fucking "B" and shitty fake hentai shorts get through, but mine doesn't. Gay!

- Jay

Drums 'n Guns Albums

2010-11-12 23:03:54 by DeletedChemical

Hey guys. I have created a Facebook page for my band. Here's the link:

Drums 'n Guns Facebook Page

Hope you join us... Or me.

- Jay

Missing Music

2010-11-05 04:03:20 by DeletedChemical

I have deleted the audio submission "Forgot the File" and am currently redoing it.

UPDATE: New Shit

2010-10-30 06:59:49 by DeletedChemical

I have thought about it, and I'm going to do a flash movie called "You Just Went Too Far". I'll update this as I continue. I have to get the NG loadbar to start, so I'll do that now.

With the music, I'm getting Audacity on Monday.

Drawings? My program now need a SERIAL! I'm gonna have to buy it, so they will be late.

It'll be up soon,